As a lifestyle extension to our clothing brand born in NYC, Feldspar Brook Magazine is committed to providing our thoughts and/or pleasantries on any and all of those things that matter most: 

An American wardrobe staple that's mindfully made with careful and responsible intention without sacrificing beautiful, classic style. A meal that's locally sourced from small farms that begs to be digested and enjoyed. A quick trip upstate to escape the noise and concrete of the city only to return anew. Following a non-profit that's bound to change the world for the better, one penny or hand at a time. Taking time out for ourselves as well as for those we adore most. Divulging in the occasional opinion with an open mind to spark awareness or just because it feels good. All of these things are so simple really, but can easily be shunned or forgotten. New York City is a well of inspired treasures known or unknown and we love dissecting this great town to discover and share all of her unique offerings.