For longtime buddies Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, any ole razor on the market just wouldn't suffice. Disposable blades wreaked havoc on their faces and wallets, and well, these guys just acknowledged the absurdity of this situation and decided to do something about it. Mayfield and Raider conjoined their business models, brains, and hopes for a better razor, and we're sure glad they did because Harry's is a far better, chicer, and much more pleasant act of shaving


The guys own their German factory where engineers with decades of experience working with high-grade steel manufacture their sublime blades. The Harry's razor handles are designed with a classic and traditional aesthetic for modern efficiency and ergonomics. The company has super reliable services, registering on their website and customizing an order to cater to your specific needs and regularity is a quick and easy process. You pick the handle of



your choice along with the types of blades, how many and how often you want them as well as a tube or two of their elegant shave cream and like clockwork every time, Harry's arrives directly to your door. What's also brilliant about this company and their services is the cost. Mayfield and Raider firmly believed that an act of grooming that requires regular maintenance shouldn't cost a fortune, without skimping on quality either.


Harry's packaging is as attractive as their products, wit and creativity included. Each tube of shave cream has suggested lottery numbers printed on the back. Hey, one never knows, right? You're going to need a fresh mug when you're cashing big checks at the bank. 


We admire this company for their charitable efforts as well. Harry's gives at least 1% of their sales and time to organizations that prepare those less fortunate for personal and professional success.