More often than not, you are preparing yourself for those grueling travel plans right about now, to visit family and friends for the holidays, or using this time to simply check out and get away for some much needed R&R. The scheduling process is the easy part, even though gasoline and commercial flights are peaking during this season, especially since most of us have no other choice but to comply with the holiday inflation. We're already anticipating dramatically long security check-point lines at the airports, a few meltdowns from fellow passengers, and roads filled with anxious drivers and sporadic traffic jams. We are going to allow for plenty of time to meet each courier to our final destinations, and severely and mentally hope for the best in between. To help ease any of your angst associated with holiday travels, we've rounded up some of our favorite accessories to offer any pleasantries along with what could be a painful journey. 

Carry-On Cocktail Kit ~ We love this adorable kit that prepares two Old Fashioned cocktails beautifully. The kit is tiny and compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket. Patiently wait for that ding from the pilot welcoming you aboard the airline and into the clouds, then release your tiny tray table, ask for some ice, and start mixing. Nothing but the friendliest skies after one (or two) of these delicious craft cocktails. Made in the USA

Fishbellies Hot-Cold Pack ~ An American artist developed this adorable body soother. Handmade in the USA, this cozy carryon is made completely of cotton and stuffed with dried corn kernels that will not be affected when heated. Can easily be microwaved or frozen, depending on your preference, and is a definite upgrade from that less attractive, less effective neck pillow. 

Bike Tube Travel Dopp Kit ~ Made from repurposed mountain bike inner tubes, this dopp kit is not only eco friendly and wholly made in Colorado, but it will protect your products and anything else in your bag from all damaging elements or annoying spills. This makes for simple, super-smart packing

Beard Travel Pack ~ Not since the early 19th century has the beard been more popular. Traveling during the cold weather months doesn't mean that you or your guy's face and neck has to become wild and grizzly. Appease mom and grandma with a soft and clean kept beard and stache. These products are all natural and sensitive enough to use daily. The small containers make for easy, last minute packing. Made entirely by hand in the USA

Leather RFID Passport Sleeve ~ We love the soft and sleek Napa leather covering this passport sleeve. There's also an easy access pull-tab and RFID blocker to keep anyone from stealing your info on the fly. This sleeve is also slim enough to fit in the tightest crevices and holds up to corrosion and threatening elements. Made in the USA.  

The holidays and any travels that accompany them are hectic enough. There are a plethora of unique, stylish, and inexpensive options out there to make your trip a little less of a headache, and a bit more enjoyable.

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday and easy, safe travels from all of us at Feldspar Brook.