Thankfully, those of us interested in purchasing American made clothing and home goods have a number of glorious options nation-wide, from Alabama to Oregon; California to the coast of Maine. Collecting products made in the USA not only supports our economy, but there's little guessing as to the who-what-where's of these goods as well. We are always seeking to discover the latest American made products for the camaraderie it shares, but also because we strive to be one in the same. Our list of those we follow and support is increasingly long and we wouldn't have it any other way. However, here are just a few of those big names we admire just as much as the little guys. These labels are also easier to acquire across the fifty-one states, or at least a bit more identifiable. We urge you to be in tune with those goods that are currently being created in your hometown, however. In the mean time, familiarize yourself with these big brands growing right out of the USA: 

Rag & Bone (NYC) ~ What started as a small, ultra-hip jeans company in 2002, from two guys out of the UK, would soon become quite the iconic label in modern times. The guys perfected the men's jean, before expanding to women's and offering more than just denim, within a Kentucky factory, taking their time in the process. Rag & Bone evokes that cool, downtown NYC vibe and the company maintains that DIY approach, enlisting models wearing the label in "selfie-style" photos for their campaigns. 

Steven Alan (NYC) ~ Steven Alan launched his first ever showroom in 1996 after a demand for smaller, local designer labels emerged. Alan became so successful for his keen eye and designer support that he launched his first collection in 1999, and his shops soon migrated to Southern California before his popularity took him to 300 shops worldwide today. He maintains that American aestheticism that made him popular from his early conception. 

Band of Outsiders (Los Angeles) ~ Scott Sternberg launched this small label out of LA in 2004, creating men's button-downs and neckties out of vintage fabrics. Today, the designer is wildly successful, offering men's and women's wear for that easygoing, nerdy-cool persona hiding in many of us. Sternberg has a solid technique to making preppy hip and approachable again. 

Taylor Stitch (San Fran, CA) ~ Three male friends and roommates set out to make a modern, but classically fitting men's button-up out of their apartment on the corner of Taylor and Clay streets in San Francisco in 2008. They soon partnered with a family-owned company in the Bay Area that has been manufacturing shirts for 85 years. Today, the guys are turning out new products every single Wednesday (yes, it's true), focusing on supremely fit shirts in limited quantity and styles. 

Raleigh Denim (Raleigh, NC) ~ Husband and wife design duo, Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko started Raleigh Denim in their hometown. The couple built a workshop in 2007 and blend classic American jean style making with modern methods and fits. Their Raleigh flagship also offers handmade goods from other artists they've discovered amidst their worldly travels. It's quite obvious why we at Feldspar Brook would share an affinity for this duo and applaud their continued success. 

Again, our list of American made fashion and goods we admire does not end here. To discover more of these USA specific brands and those in your area, find them here. 

*Raleigh Denim Slender Jean