Things are coming together quite nicely with our little Feldspar crew. Our cozy, smallish, temporary office is starting to blossom with signs of life, even though just outside our doors the only things blossoming on this frigid Friday are weekend plans to be spent indoors where it's warm. Is winter already upon us? I could have sworn it was fall just a day ago, and a day before that I was wiping sweat from my brow while I dug into an Italian ice, trying not to drip the delicious cold sugar on my shorts. Alas, warm weather is temporarily behind us now, and sadly, so are those frozen treats for awhile.

No matter the severe temperatures mother nature might impose on us during the drastically different yet equally insensitive seasonal months of February and August, I've personally always enjoyed the changing seasons. Especially considering I come from the land of only two seasons: sweltering summer and mild, muggy winter. Growing up in the deep south, spring and fall--the loveliest of them all--were basically obsolete. A New York transplant close to six years now, I finally get to experience nature's beauty, in all of her various visual spells.

Up here, spring saturates winter's bruised and bleak landscape with thriving pops of flirty, fun colors, breathing life back into the somber outdoors. Fall is a grownup version of spring, graduating from pinks, playful greens and chardonnay--to crimson, bold bronze and burgundy. With each changing season is yet another chance to change ourselves or our surroundings. The earth is beginning anew and we can too. Each new season is either the beginning or the end of life around us. When the earth explodes with candy-colored palettes it's a visual reminder that anything in life is possible. It's up to us to stop for a minute and take in these gifts and therefore take care of ourselves in the process.

While we are incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by an endless array of shades and colors at Feldspar, and even on the bleakest of days we have our very own kaleidoscope at eye level at all times, nonetheless we make it a priority to seek these things out. Just like the colors of each new season, we hope to stay awhile, and help produce new memories for ourselves and all of you along the way.

From us, to you and yours, happy Friday, folks. Stay warm wherever you are, and don't forget to stop and look around every once in awhile. This season will be gone before we all know it, taking with it a small part of us too, to make room for something new.