When the weather outside is a bit more frightful than delightful, instilling even the slightest twinge of angst at the mere thought of running out for comfort food, it's time to start dusting off those pots and pans and get your mittens on something fresh, sustainable, and inspired.

New Yorkers are all about eating as local as possible, from seeking out food share programs within the city's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) where weekly grab bags of locally grown veggies are deposited to various pick-up locations, to growing their own produce around windowsills, stoops, rooftops, and especially those hard-to-find-gardens, or simply seeking out local farmer's markets. Whatever your preference for produce, luckily, our options are endless for finding affordable, locally sourced foods, even in this expensive concrete jungle we lovingly call home.  

We aren't health experts over here at Feldspar Brook, but we unanimously believe in the power of a vegetable. Fall and winter months are high times for germs and gunk to be generously passed around and borrowed, and the shorter, gloomier days can wreak havoc on our spirits, so taking care of our bodies and overall well-being becomes as mandatory as our Monday meetings. Visiting a local market for fresh produce becomes the only outdoor activity we might oblige on a lazy, dreary Saturday afternoon, grabbing an array of colorful, earthly offerings. Soup is one of the most comforting, satisfying, and easiest meals for the cold. You can throw a host of greens, roots, legumes, grains--the options are endless--into a good stock, cover with a lid, and let it simmer away into steamy goodness. Soups are also great because they keep so nicely, offering additional meals for days to come and practically all of them taste even better the following day, after all of the ingredients have fused into a melange of nutrient-rich unification. Toast some hearty bread for added texture and up the fiber factor for a perfect side component. Voila. Dinner is served, and your wallet, the local economy, and your heart and soul--all thank you. 

Whatever you are satiating yourselves with today, we wish you health and happiness for the cold months to come, and plenty of cozy goodness for those days and nights spent in the warmth of your, or a loved one's home. 

For those in the New York area looking for affordable fresh produce from local farms, we've happily provided information on where to find markets in your area: Get Fresh