In case you haven't noticed, it's cold out there. Sure, this time last year we were already encased in a second or third snow storm, so really we are faring better than before. Even still, the roads might be dry today, but temps are still hovering just below freezing and we can only imagine we'll be snowshoeing to work before we know it. One should never expect to come out of any New York winter wholly unscathed. Mother Nature would feel a twinge of insufficiency and neglect should she deliver us a mild season, especially considering the aggressive, albeit impressive job she demonstrated for us just a year ago. Irregardless, frozen precipitation in our faces or not, it's still mighty frigid out and therefore we are scouring all the layers we can pull from winter storage to basically live in until the first sign of spring. There's a stylish beauty to layering, our friends, and for contemporary times it's also considered quite chic, especially when a little thought and effort are put into it. Allow us to offer a few select choices to pile on in style: 

Band of Outsiders Sweatshirt ~ This easygoing pull-over will take you from season to season, out-live wear and tear, and pair perfectly with basically anything. The fit isn't super bulky, so it layers nicely. Band of Outsiders goods are made and produced in Los Angeles. 

Schott NYC Down-Filled Nylon Jacket ~ Made here in New York, Schott offers many different jacket styles and loads of other wardrobe necessities. We like this jacket for the navy color and sherpa pile collar. Also, might we mention that it's on sale? What a steal. 

Crescent Down Works Waxed Navy Vest ~ Made exclusively in Seattle, WA, this down vest is ultra warm, classic and cool. It's one of the company's best-sellers, and we fully understand why. Layers over most coats beautifully and keeps the heat from escaping the torso. 

Faribault Woolen Mill Throw ~ Trust us, and wear this gorgeously made wool throw as a scarf or wrap over your jacket and coat. Ponchos for men and women are all the rage this season, and we are positive this Minnesota-made beauty will catch admirers and prompt plenty of compliments. 

Joshu+Vela Tote ~ We love the bags made by this Bay Area company. Canvas and worn leather is always a good look for any season. This accessory won't exactly keep you warm per se, but carrying it should warm your ego for sure. 

Brooks Brothers Herringbone Wool Cap ~ Made in the USA, this gorgeous and classic wool newsboy hat will get you through the fall and winter months in serious style. 

Brooks Brothers Cashmere Gloves ~ Clearly, we are big fans of Brooks Brothers and aside from their products being American made, these cashmere gloves with leather pads serve as a perfect example as to why we frequent their stores. 

And there you have it, gents. So many solid options for attractive layering. We dedicated an earlier post to winter boots, the awesomely durable kind that can take even the most fashionable men and women through the depths of snowy, disastrous winters, and we highly recommend Red Wing Boots once again, for ultimate cold weather endurance as well as for their cool style. Pair them with some thick wool socks and even layer a pair of long johns under slacks or jeans for those days and nights promising subzero temps (we like L.L. Bean's). We now confidently send you on your merry way in warmth and winning style