Merely two days ago, Paris suffered a tremendous attack on one of their popular satirical papers, and twelve people lost their lives that day. The newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, bravely printed cartoons that angered members of the muslim community who then retaliated with the greatest force mankind has ever known; death by all means necessary. 

Our hearts and minds are with our Parisian brothers and sisters today, and every day following this difficult and painful road to healing and reclamation. Far too many times now, from one country to another, hatred, dangerous ignorance, and extreme bigotry has been forced upon our land, our homes, and our neighbors, leaving the same stinging scars on all of us, directly affected or not, near and far. 

Ironic how something that was instilled on man for ultimate faith and worship; a credence, and something that is of the utmost importance can also be a malicious, hateful and most violent way of life and stance. Religion is supposed to stand for love and devotion. Today however, it's tearing men apart. 

The City of Lights and its fine people will recover from this tragedy, and those suffering most will eventually find solace and peace. The only good to come from a disaster of such tremendous proportions is the outpouring of love and support from one nation to another. Seeing mere strangers come together in the face of evil is a much needed reminder that the world is still ripe with decency and human kindness. As the late Mr. Rogers once said, regarding a terrible tragedy, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." 

We are with you, Paris. We, too, shall never forget.