Does anyone else get the very best REM sleep when the temps outside are barely breaking out of the twenties, as opposed to those sweltering summer nights when there's a different kind of energetic static in the air? Well, you wouldn't be alone if the answer is an abrupt 'yes'. The warmth that envelopes our living spaces and bodies these cold winter months, radiating out from New York's finest prewar pipes and those more modern contraptions we must pay for makes our eyes heavy and depletes any lasting energy. Especially when the days are fleeting and darkness is that last guest that just won't leave. Our beds become our sanctuaries, a place that's never been harder to escape. This is exactly why, if you haven't already, it's perfectly plausible to treat yourself to a set of glorious, magnificently-cozy sheets and linens, to help melt away any guilt accumulated from spending more of your time horizontal, while aiding in that much needed sweet slumber our bodies so desperately need this season from the daily battle of fighting for warmth. 

We've happily shared some of our favorite companies and brands that specialize in all of those things that make hitting the sheets that much more desirable. Sorry, folks, we're only offering threads here. As always, all of these products are also made and manufactured in the USA

Celia Rachel  Fab Industries helps to create jersey knit, satin sheets and comforters wholly made in North Carolina, and Celia Rachel offers enumerable colors and patterns that are ultra soft and equally attractive. 

The Company Store  If you have yet to experience a down comforter from The Company Store, may we kindly suggest adding this to your next shopping list? Based in Wisconsin, this company has been producing some of the plushest bedding for decades now, making cold weather napping a sudden priority. 

Cuddledown  A family-owned business in Portland, Maine, Cuddledown is long committed to providing cushy sheets, duvets, blankets and comforters using locally sourced textiles with European down that are as safe for all bodies as they are for the environment. 

Fabric Workroom  Shoppers have the option of choosing from tremendous amounts of fabrics and styles for personal, custom bedding. Fabric Workroom produces and manufactures their products in Southport, CT

Kelly Green  This completely organic company uses American-raised alpaca wool, hemp and organic cotton in their products that look and feel as good on your bed as they do wrapped around you. Wholly made in Ashland, OR

White Lotus Bedding  The mission of this company is to be and remain as economically responsible as possible. Their natural and organic bedding and products are completely manufactured and sold in the USA

Brahm's Mount Blankets  Made popular in the 40s, Crompton and Knowles W3 shuttle looms are used to instill the woven techniques and processes for the cotton and linen blankets and throws Brahm's has handcrafted for years. Ultra comfort, durability, and cute, easygoing styles are found in each blanket, all made entirely in Maine

Go ahead and outfit your cozy, safe haven with the plushiest, snuggliest bed linens and settle in for a long, frosty winter in style and with ultimate relaxation. Your mind and body (and the economy) will thank you, and coming home will be that much sweeter

John Singer Sargent