Okay, so winter storm Juno was hardly the crippling, historical disaster so many professionals forecasted for NYC last night. Those of us living in the city or within the closest boroughs woke to a gorgeous blanket of the white sparkly stuff this morning, a far cry from the consuming, devastatingly thick precipitation many of us were prepped for.  Whiteout or not, a number of us still have a snow day on our hands to do whatever we wish with our time today other than focusing on anything pertaining to work. The flakes may have subsided and the clouds parted, but it's still tremendously cold out, especially with those strong winds whipping microscopic flecks of ice shards directly into your face, so why not stay warm and cozy indoors with a pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove. 

Some of the best, most decadently tasting soups can be so without the decadent calories. Blending or pureeing vegetable contents once they've amalgamated with corresponding ingredients and spices produces the most satisfyingly creamy textured bowl of savoriness to satiate even the richest cravings on those dreadful cold nights. 

One of the simplest, crowd-pleasing soups to make is simmering either cauliflower or skinned sweet potatoes in a large pot with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, yellow onion, scallions, garlic and spices in a low-sodium organic chicken stock for about an hour, until all contents are squishy-soft and nearly congealed. Transfer all contents from the pot to a sturdy blender and puree. Simply pour into large cups or bowls, drizzle a little basil or rosemary oil on the surface and throw in a dash of fresh ground black pepper, warm up some crusty bread, and consider dinner served. So effortless and so satisfying. Those you break bread with are sure to praise your gourmet accomplishments, and like so many soups, these will taste even better the following day. 

Bon appétit. Stay warm, and eat well. 

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