Whether you're a man whose preference lies in boxers, briefs, or more miniature skivvies, we're guessing you're not one to 'skimp' on the quality of your undergarments no matter the construction nor size.

Sleepy Jones is a simple, American-made clothing brand specializing in men's loungewear; doing underwear right. The New York City based company was created by Andy Spade--brother to well known Jack--through solid collaborations with Chad Buri and Anthony Sperduti after long stints at kate, Jack, and Partners & Spade.

The Trio shared inspiration and enthusiasm for the quiet, pondering lifestyles of artists, so they set out to create not-so-ready-to-wear for mostly men, and women. The Collaborators admired those whose everyday uniform wasn't a tie, but rather loungewear intended to grace the interior or exterior of the



bedroom. Painters, writers, designers and musicians; men that created masterpieces in their underwear or nothing at all. 

These guys have come to the realization that while clothing and outerwear has only evolved through time, those smaller items intended for comfort, protection and ease were somehow being left out of the overall exploration.

Sleepy Jones offers classic, everyday staples meant to be worn in bed, or simply during a time of relaxation and personal reconnection. Boxers and briefs come in neutral, solid colors or easy, traditional patterns and comfortably made using 95% Peruvian cotton and 5% spandex. Sleepy Jones pieces aren't exactly cheap, but they also aren't crushingly expensive. After all, a great wardrobe staple produced through quality construction that exudes comfort and style is really worth every penny.