WaterIsLife is changing the world one page at a time. The Drinkable Book was created through a partnership with DDB New York and Dr. Theresa Dankovich, for a most brilliant method of supplying countries across the globe with safe, drinkable water for years to come. 

The very first, exclusive manual ever produced that not only teaches safe water tips but also serves as a foolproof mechanism to kill deadly waterborne diseases for villages in India, Haiti, Kenya, Ghana and many more in desperate need of clean drinking water. The book’s special paper, developed by Dr. Dankovich, is treated with silver nano particles, acting as an important antibacterial agent. Each page works as a single filter for up to 100 liters, and contains instructions printed in food safe ink, supplying the reader with chapter’s worth of clean drinking water. 

WaterIsLife was imagined to create global awareness on this often overlooked topic while aiding those without drinkable water across the globe with the means to survive this epidemic. Aside from the amazing partnership with DDB New York, the organization is seeking further funding and donations in order to move into full production of the Drinkable Books. WaterIsLife hopes to distribute these agents as part of their water, sanitation, and hygiene program to saves lives, transform communities, and continue to raise awareness. The organization is currently focusing on developing the books in a wide variety of languages, teaching methods and training through storytelling and discussions within communities worldwide—primarily those in dire need of clean water access. Each of these books can provide the user with up to 4 years of drinking water, while each page serves as an educational leader for sanitation, hygiene, and sustainable water programs. 

Despite the early stages, WaterIsLife is already hard at work, producing these Drinkable Books for planned distribution in 2015 for significant parts of Haiti to Tanzania and beyond. The Drinkable Paper is already on display at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as part of the Water For Life VOICES, and the Water Decade exhibit. 

Additional information that is truly quite inspiring can be found on their company website: Donations start at a mere $10, which aids in funding the Drinkable Book as well as the Filter Straw, Family Bucket Filters, Community Filters and Technology, and resourceful hygiene and sanitation proposals to help nurture life’s most basic needs—clean water for all, and stronger communities because of it. 

An average of 65% of deaths related to waterborne diseases has already been prevented in part of the efforts put forth by WaterIsLife. Together, we can reach an even greater percentile, one filter at a time.