It's true. Earth is the only habitable planet we've been given, so why, exactly, have we been abusing it since the beginning of mankind? Makes no sense at all, really. Taking a hard, close look at the damage we've caused from one border to the next is a rather sobering ordeal but one that undoubtedly needs to happen for each and every one of us because truthfully, it's never too late. One person has the power to make a change.

Like an infection that can no longer be ignored, we as humans can no longer go about our lives pretending these detrimental issues threatening all of us on a global scale do not exist, just because the root of the problem isn't currently festering in our own backyard. Luckily for us and for the lives of our future generations, scientists, activists, philanthropists and politicians haven't tired of finding ways to better our world through endless and steadfast research and exploration while raising awareness and interests. Thanks to these genius, creative and caring minds, we've come a long way in how we use our planet more safely and effectively while erasing some of the damage we've inflicted for centuries. Our hard work is just beginning, however. From one nation to the next, we must work together to take better care of our shared home

In September 2015, leaders from across the globe will unite to work towards building like-minded goals to greatly increase sustainability that they hope to last through 2030. This should be a big year for what lies ahead. This year's developments can only instill universal reaction towards the degradation of our planet for decades to come. 

Quickly scroll through these photos to get an honest glimpse of the serious damage we've inflicted on our gorgeous land across the world. Now, here's the lazy man's guide to making a difference. 

Without an infrastructure for waste disposal, local residents of Java, Indonesia use rivers and streams for dumping. (pictured)