For this Father's Day, we reflect on all the times our dads wore polo-style shirts throughout our childhoods. 

Whether it was an everyday staple, perhaps a work uniform of sorts or just his go-to for running errands and bouncing between appointments. 

Maybe dad's shirt choice was just something a tad fancier than an average t-shirt, because he was the kind of guy that always aimed to look professional even when he intended not to be seen by anybody at all. 

Or perhaps pops was an avid golfer; teeing off any and every chance he was granted, even if the sport was merely a hobby and far from anything work-related nor paid. 

Polo shirts have been worn, reinvented and recycled since the 1930s, so it's more than highly likely your father, or a father-figure you knew and remember wore them proudly, and wore them often. 

Not since the rise of couture and luxury designer clothing has The Perfect Polo been mastered until today, for a decent cost however. By the definition of 'mastered' we mean in relation to overall quality, price-point, design, fit, care, color, production, technique, intent, and purpose. Every single one of these aspects have yet to be considered when creating one of the most classic, simple American wardrobe staples--until now. We're just sorry it took so long

Finally, after all of these years, unknowingly: The Perfect Polo exists.

Because dammit, dad deserves better. 

Happy Father's Day to all that have aided in raising a child. May you and your young flourish in pure style from here on out.  

Even Royals deserve The Perfect Polo that's easily attainable.