Harley Langberg has taken the childlike notion of playing with his food to a uniquely mature and artistic platform that creatively allows him to benefit from two worlds he loves most: Art and food. 

Since 2013 Langberg has used Instagram as his personal portfolio to showcase his intense talents through food styling. Oreos were an original medium for him and regularly make appearances on his blog and social media outlet today, where he carefully separates the famous chocolate cookies before sculpting the vanilla filling into various pop culture icons and colorful characters from Karl Lagerfeld to The Godfather. Aside from the sheer fun in creating works of art using only edible goods displayed onto plates for a photo-worthy triumph,





Langberg testifies on his website that he's passionate about giving positive attention to nutritional foods and shining a whimsical light on their textures and natural beauty in a way that's fun and not the least bit serious. 

Langberg's appetite inducing works of art aren't solely fashioned onto cookies. The Instagram star and food artist uses a multitude of food groups at his disposal. From spaghetti to gum, radishes to coffee grounds, and eggplant to raspberry jelly. If you've seen it on the grocer's shelves, in your fridge, the produce aisle or taking up space in candy bowls chances are, Langberg's built something rather cool out of it. Follow him for the next best thing in edible art. Playing with your food has never been this visually acceptable nor fully encouraged. 

@harleysfood_art: "The Godfather Oreo"