Linda Rodin is a woman of many delights. Don't let the fact that she started modeling at eighteen during a stint in Italy and quickly became known for her Twiggy-esque mod style before most of us even knew of the word 'cool' give you any preconceived notions about this timeless beauty. Or the fact that Rodin, back in New York in the 70's, worked as a stylist at Henri Bendel and later as Fashion Editor for the elite Harper's Bazaar sway your expectations before meeting the icon. Intimidating achievements aside, Rodin through and through is as lovely as the philosophy she carries on beauty and the approach to life: "There is beauty in simplicity"

As the Editor-in-Chief of FBM, I really hoped to do even the smallest feature on Linda Rodin for many reasons, both obscure and obvious. Being that the Feldspar Brook brand and Magazine are devoted to those things and influencers that embody a simple, yet quality lifestyle, it's essential to capitalize on these shared sentiments. Rodin may not fancy menswear or polo shirts, but that wasn't enough to prevent me from seeking her opinion on both. Given her unique style, you could hand Rodin any garment chic or terribly not, and rest assured she'd give you a number of ridiculously cool looks to go by within minutes. Also, I absolutely love juxtaposition in fashion and art, when two unlikely subjects unite for a brief moment if only to awaken untapped inspiration for both, while forming interest in new, otherwise unaware markets. 

Rodin was long in search of a simple, pure skincare product that delivered results upon contact without having to layer or work too hard. The headstrong style-maker and beauty lover started experimenting with essential oils at home before perfecting an elixir which would be the first of many in a successful beauty line. RODIN olio lusso facial oil was solidified in 2007, and the rest as they say, is history. I reached out to the lovely Linda to briefly get her take on a few things I was curious about. She's as adorable, sharp and witty in person as she is in photos and on paper. She's also kind, which--especially in this industry--makes her that much more beautiful

FBM: Who were your fashion icons growing up, and early in your career?

LR: My mother, my aunt and of course, Audrey Hepburn.

FBM: What changes have you noticed within the industry, good or bad, over the years?

LR: Good things being that fashion can definitely be affordable these days, with Zara and the like. Also, shopping online is a big change and can be fun and easy. (Nothing on the bad...damn..)

FBM: Any styles you wish you were seeing more of in the streets and/or in the market? Less of?

LR: Less short-shorts! (I 100% agree..)

FBM: You've discussed your love of vintage and/or antique/flea shopping. What's one of the best finds you've ever happened upon?

LR: I love all the things I've found--large and small. Wonderful velvet chair, gold and coral rings, tea cups and many dishes. I never go home empty handed. And of course some wonderful vintage Levi's.

FBM: Favorite thing about living in New York City?

LR: I have been here my entire life so I think the best thing for me is the intimate familiarity I have with the city. 

FBM: Your mantra and amazing product line, RODIN olio lusso, are based on the beauty of simplicity. At Feldspar Brook, we take a very similar approach to fashion and lifestyle. Speaking of which- using your impeccable style intuition and approach to fashion that is all your own, if pressed, how would you style our Perfect Polo for yourself? Or even a friend? 

LR: I'd probably wear a black one under a denim jacket. 

FBM: Anything you'd like to dip your toes in that you haven't already in the fashion, beauty or lifestyle industries?

LR: I've got my hands full at the moment... ;-)

FBM: Lastly, does Winky have any opinions on style? 

LR: He and I have the same taste. 



Linda lives in Manhattan with her poodle and best friend, Winky, where she's resided for the past 35 years.