God & Famous is an independent label based in New York City, focused entirely on those things involving two wheels; from track to fixed gear and anything pertaining to the cycling community as a whole. The creators of G&F are hardcore bike riders and cyclists obsessed with stocking only the coolest gear and cycling accessories needed to ride in style and with functionality.  

Whether it's shell-jackets, tees, hankies, water bottles, stickers, caps or socks--G&F supplies it, but quantities are limited. Nothing mass-produced here. These guys are running a cool-kids club, so for new gear it's first come first serve, meaning you could very well be the only cyclist doing laps in the park sporting their mostly black and white gear if you act quick. Since the brand is rather small a number of their products are made locally or feature locally sourced materials. Sure, G&F cycling duds are built around functionality using a serious cyclist's mentality but the brand's offerings are some of the coolest we've spotted around town--featuring delicate abstract patterns and even subtle emojis for pop culture references. 

One particular cycling kit provided by G&F only recently caught our eye given its tech-y aesthetic and slick black & white profile. The Glitch Kit is produced locally by Sommerville Sports located in Brooklyn, and contains a mixed race-cut jersey and matching bib, both intended for long distance journeys and built for added durability to keep moisture and chafing at bay. 

God & Famous is worth taking a gander or two for those less familiar. Their products fall into that niche often sought after by those few individuals that crave a little diversity in their everyday ride. 

Do not adjust your screens: The God & Famous "Glitch Kit" produced locally by Sommerville Sports.