Less Math, Fresh Skin

Less Math, Fresh Skin
Photos all acquired from official Arithmetic Website

Feldspar Brook is dedicated to enriching your lifestyle. To supply you with the best, we are voraciously searching to provide with the latest substantial arts, goods, and news. And with spring slowly opening her arms to us, there is a rising problem: skin problems.


It happens to the best of us.


You’ll wake up, and the lying monster rears its ugly head (quite literally). For many of us who suffer through these unwanted surprises, Feldspar Brook has found a simple and clean product for adult acne.


We’ve all gone through growing pains. What many people do not realize is that innumerable amount of products are actually targeted for younger skin. So you’re wondering what are the adults supposed to use?


Feldspar Brook recommends Arithmetic, the “Smart Care for Clear, Healthy Skin.” 

Arithmetic is a new skincare company solely concentrated on helping adults through their skin problems, whether that may be occasional breakouts, acne, and/or blemishes. It’s effective and also mild enough for sensitive skins to use even during treatments.


Currently they offer only three products, and we actually like that. To us, this shows integrity and dedication to a mission: eliminating pimples. Just like we’re dedicated to our polo shirts! With Stanford trained chemists and heavy research, Arithmetic offers the Aloe + Zinc Shave Cream, Konjak Sponge, and Acne Control Complex.


We highly recommend the Aloe + Zince Shave. Shaving can be painful especially when your skin refuses to behave. The soothing, natural ingredients and botanicals make Aloe + Zinc Shave Cream perfect for men with sensitive skin. And we prefer the clay like texture because it preps the skin and prevents razor burns and bumps more so than foam.


And for those who need a cream to keep the blemishes at bay, Arithmetic’s Acne Control Complex is inexpensive and effective. Here’s to healthy skin!



San Francisco based Arithmetic company’s products: Aloe + Zinc Shave Cream, Konjak Sponge, and Acne Control Complex