Give Water. Give Life.

Give Water. Give Life.
Ken Surritte, CEO and founder of Water is Life, sends us a message from Congo

The waters flowing out of Lake Tear of the Clouds create Feldspar Brook. Derived from this source of life, Feldspar Brook is a small company that dedicates itself to a life of vitality, originality, and simplicity. What better to embody this than water?

Taking this conviction, we have teamed up with Water is Life, an organization devoted to providing clean drinking water to those in need. While Feldspar Brook commends this pledge taken by Water is Life, they go beyond just simply supplying water.


Here are the straightforward facts:

2.4 millions deaths occur each year due to the lack of clean water and inadequate sanitation

2.6 billion people do not have improved sanitation

1 billion people lack access to safe water

1 in 5 children under the age of 5 die each day from waterborne disease

Working alongside nonprofit organizations and local governments, Water is Life strives to save lives and transform communities by providing clean water AND teaching proper sanitation and hygiene.

It has been an honor and privilege to continually support Water is Life. Though Feldspar Brook may be a small company based in SoHo, NY, we know that we cannot stop there. At Feldspar Brook, we believe it is our mission to provide customers something more than a perfect fit polo—a lifestyle that always returns to the source.