At Feldspar Brook, before the conception of our Perfect Polo, we searched for inspirations around us in New York. We knew what was in fashion or what was the newest trend. But what idea could speak for our generation without ostracizing the older generation? What did all men desire and strive for?


At Feldspar Brook, we believe success comes in all forms. Whether your definition of success means being a husband, father, or just you, we support you. Or perhaps, success is a day-to-day struggle. It means sealing a business deal, finally renovating the Victorian house, or simply fixing the drain in the sink. Feldspar Brook wanted something that could be there while you achieved what you wanted. A timeless piece that worked with you, dreamed with you, and clothed you while you attained your aspirations.

With this mind, we created the Perfect Fit Polo, an article of clothing that is durable and functional today and five years from today. While you toil, our Polo also labors with you without losing its fit, quality, and style.

Feldspar Brook dedicates our shirts to the men who dream of success, who strive for success, and who have met success. You are our inspiration.