New York vs. You

New York vs. You

Without a doubt, New York is the place to be if you want to do something different. If you want to create: create your dreams, create your new fashion line, create your life. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon is another reminder to pursue and generate what truly matters.

The friends have successfully fused their passion for travel, fashion, and art in a highly unique approach. Both leaving their jobs in corporate fashion, they pursued their own mode of vogue by opening a humble store in downtown New York.

Opening Ceremony’s founders are now working with brands like Maison Martin Margiela while also finding talented designers to stock their stores, “stocking both iconic and emerging homegrown designers” from all over the world. Always fun and eccentric, Opening Ceremony has now opened multiple stores including an in-house clothing line.

Currently the creative directors of French fashion house Kenzo, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have revived a dying brand into a colorful approachable street wear. They give insight into the beauty of New York and Paris in their interview with CNN Style. Snippets included below.

 Humberto Leon:

In New York, I think the amazing thing is that everyone has their own culture. It's a little more mixed, diverse, and I think that that in that sense, it makes it more inspiring. Not everyone looks so perfect and tidy. There are times when I go to my butcher and I'm like 'My butcher is dressed rad and he looks so cool.' Or I'm in Chinatown and see the amazing lady that's selling me fruit, and I'm like 'Damn, she's got some really cool-ass gloves on (Courtesy of CNN Style).

There's something inherently interesting that happens that I think has to do with the nature of New York, America's melting pot. The different types of people woven into the city are what make it feel so alive and so rich.

And ain’t that the truth? So, dear readers, we hope you are soaking in New York and doing you!