Button Down Baby

Button Down Baby

Whether you are a suit loving man or a laid back hippie, you all have something in common. You need a shirt. Well, good news. We’ve got a button down perfect for work, for play, and well, kind of forever.


Our Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt is our newest addition to the Feldspar Brook collection. Always committed to presenting our clients with the best, our button down is another masterpiece. Currently, available in four different colors (Ivory White, Side Walk, Forget-Me-Not, Black), it is a fast-selling, unique piece.


Following our “True Fit” designs, our button down also emulates its predecessor, retaining its original shape even over time. And of course, it is perfectly constructed with French seams throughout for clean lines and comfort. No chafing. No discomfort.


Want to play rugby in our shirt? Yeah, go ahead. You can. A blend of cotton allows for flexibility and movement unlike stiff shirts that needs constant ironing. Throw ours in the washer. We challenge you. Watch our color never fade.


Wear it layered with your indie rock band shirt. Wear it with a suit and tie.  Wear it and be who you want to be.