Sniffs of Eucalyptus

Sniffs of Eucalyptus

Don’t let the gloomy overcast and chill fool you. Warm weather is on its way. Of course, that brings a rise in pollen levels, a fairly noticeable humidity, and welcoming spring drizzles.

This can only mean a sharp increase in uncomfortable pooling of sweat. Yes, smelly pits. We can safely postulate that you’ve all had your share of whiffs in the enclosed subway car. Feldspar Brook is sending a friendly message to all our beloved readers: Let’s prevent not contribute.

We recommend Malin+Goetz’s unisex Eucalptyus deodorant to do the job.

Malin+Goetz’s is a family owned and operated skin business launched in NYC’s Chelsea for women and men with sensitive skin. Matthew Malin, one of the owners, actually suffers from rosacea, eczema, seborrhea, fragrance allergies and dry skin (noted in the About Us section of the Malin+Goetz website).

This product is alcohol and aluminum-free, which is important to avoid for obvious health reasons and formulated with the right balance of eucalyptus extract and citronellyl. The natural deodorant will prevent pore-clogging (causes more sweat) and also eliminates odor while retaining that refreshing smell. Did we mention that people with sensitive skin can also use it?

No stains. No B.O. No rash. No clumps. No harsh chemicals. Feldspar Brook approves.