The least likely place I expect a minimalism movement to strike a chord is New York. Sure, somewhere in Los Angeles or Portland it could work. But this city is bustling, hustling, and fighting. The ride is bumpy and painful. But rest assured, the twists and turns always takes you somewhere new. It accumulates. Maybe that’s precisely why minimalism, or merely deducting a few non-essential people or materials in our lives, is exactly what a New Yorker needs.

Feldspar Brook, of course, does not recommend going “Marie Kondo” on everything you own. When it comes to apparel though, it is logical to understand what you need and what you are buying. New York Daily News reported that men on an average spend more time shopping in stores than women. Moreover, they actually spend more.

Yet, how long does one retain clothes? Question yourself. Do you really need that mint colored velvet blazer? With fast, cheap fashion comes a high turnover rate. Most men tend to toss away the shirt or jeans they spent more deliberated time and effort in purchasing.

With that non-sense in mind, Feldspar Brook is continually striving to take it back to the source.

At Feldspar Brook, we are focused on refining the basics. We apply the concept of minimalism with our own flair of perfection. We think simplicity is key, but also quality that is durable and functional. 100% Pima cotton, French seams, and true fit that will retain its original shape today and five years from today. We have redefined our polo with the superiority that lacks in other brands. A classic polo at Feldspar Brook is an incomparable essential that will always “spark joy.”