Fashion’s Out of Time

Fashion’s Out of Time

The fashion calendar is quite outdated for our generation of now. Or as the New York consultancy Open Mind Strategy calls us, the IWWIWWIWI (I want what I want when I want it) generation.  The need for instant gratification, immediacy, and social media is forcing fashion industries to experiment and evolve.

Ironically enough, fashion has been quite impervious to change. Collections are shown months in advance before they can actually be manufactured or sold—a schedule that cannot keep up with the modern times. Keen designers have taken note of this shift.

Big names like Versace and Ralph Lauren have started to sell certain products directly from the runway. Tom Ford’s plan, similar to Burberry, is more drastic, announcing that he will show both men’s and women’s wear together when they are available.

Alexander Wang revealed yesterday he would follow in the footsteps of these designers. He will be releasing his resort items on his spring 2017 runway during New York Fashion Week. Wang explains, “We decided to pursue a similar strategy with our ready-to-wear pre-collections; we have found that this shortened timeline between seeing the collection and it being available in stores creates a sense of immediacy and generates excitement at the retail level” (WWD).

Only time will tell what these changes will mean for the fashion industry and consumers. How do you all feel?