Love What Matters

Love What Matters

Feldspar Brook is honored to join with Love What Matters to present our special series: Shirt Off His Back. Short narratives from people who have witnessed the small and big things fathers have done for others and for their children. 

We hope you will also enjoy the thoughtful stories people from all over the world have shared! Some do pull on the heartstrings. Prepare your tissues. 

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Cheers to all the fathers of the world!


Shared by: Linda Lindley

"My 'dad' married my mom when she had three kids already, all under the age of 5. He was an Airman First Class in the Air Force. 

Mom and Dad went on to have 2 kids of their own and the 7 of us were very happy! My dad was such an amazing man. When my biological father became ill with MS and was living with his parents, my dad used to go pick him up and the two of them would go get haircuts together. He went on to become a Purple Heart recipient during the Korean War.

My dad never judged a soul in his life and he taught me what being a good human being is all about. He was one of the most selfless people I've ever known and it was my honor to call him Dad. He even waited until we were old enough to choose to be adopted by him and take his name, which we all did because he was Dad, in every sense of the word!

He truly was one of the most honest, generous and loving men I've ever known and I had the wonderful blessing of calling him my dad!"